A few reviews by my clients…

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“Professional. Experienced. Felt amazing afterwards and it helped a lot with my running.
Highly recommend Stephanie Golden / Golden Thai Yoga.”

– Darlene W., Jan 2015


“Very attentive and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Stephanie for a thai yoga massage.”

– Linda B., Jan 2015


“Best Thai Yoga massage I have had to date! Stephanie is great at what she does, I highly recommend Golden Thai Yoga massage”

– Shanda R., Oct 2014


“Stephanie is truly amazing. She is a compassionate healer who doesn’t stop at the massage, through sessions with Stephanie I have learned greatly about my body and the ways in which I can manage and even heal my own pain on my own time. It has truly changed my daily life! She is extremely knowledgeable about her craft, passionate, personable and inspirational. I couldn’t be happier to have had the privilege of being treated by Stephanie. I wholeheartedly recommend her work!”

– Samantha E., July 2014


“Stephanie’s massage classes are incredible! I just finished level 1, and am so looking forward to the next one! Her teaching style is warm and friendly, and she is so knowledgeable!”

– Sara D., June 2014


“Very efficient service in an extremely relaxing environment. Stephanie’s Golden Thai Yoga Massage gets two thumbs up! 5 star rating! Strongly recommended. Pleasure doing business with this establishment. Looking forward to my next visit. Cheers”

– Pat L., Jan 2014


“Best massage ever!! Seriously!!!”

– Eric V., Nov 2013


“I’ve had several thai yoga massage by Stephanie and I must say that she is a talented therapist who is truly dedicated to the well-being of the client. I need deep pressure and stretching for my upper and lower back and she was able to help me feeling much better!”

– Guillaume D., Nov 2013


“Big pile of “damn that feels amazing!” (all you athletes- book her now!!!!)”

– Karen Y., 10 July 2012


“Stephanie gives the best massage in town. Seeing is believing.”

– Anne G. 2 May 2011


“Thanks again for the amazing work you did on me. I am still moving much more freely in the shoulders and hey – I have no pain in the butt anymore – hurray!”

– Gillian G., Verdun – avril 2011


“My massage with Stephanie was definitely something to write home about! She’s wonderful at what she does… Im a massage addict, so I have had my fair share of thai massages internationally and I’d put Stephanie within the top three of all my experiences… her athletic background really complements her technique as she has a clear understanding of both anatomy and physiology and uses that in combination with her expertisse in this form of healing. That was as close to heaven as Ive been. ”

– Soraya ‎ – 23 Feb 2011


“Stephanie is amazing. I was nervous about attending Thai Yoga Massage because I am very inflexible and was a bit worried about back issues (being overstretched or injured) but my worries were completely unfounded. Stephanie really knows the body, the limitations and what will help. I am a runner and she helped a lot with a shin split injury I had. I usually don’t like any kind of massage even though I have tried many different types in the past and either left me with no benefit or actually in pain afterwards, but Thai Yoga Massage with Stephanie left me feeling more relaxed, more flexible and with less pain. I have no hesitation to recommend Stephanie, I can’t wait to have the time to get back for another appointment! ”

– darlene – 23 Apr 2010


Excellent Massage Therapist
Yes, I can tell you Stephanie is an excellent Massage Therapist[…]. I had the chance to receive different massage styles from different professionals. But Stephanie is the best. Before that day, I had always loved watching her giving a massage to others. Her posthures, the compassion and the energy moving along with any of her gestures. So, when I had the privilege to be treated by her, It was like WWWWWOOOOWWWWW!!!! Strong and energetic massage: my bones cracked, my muscles detensed, and against my will, it came out of me a lot of MMMMMMMMMM!!! Believe me: I am not noisy in general, but that day…………………….. And any time I think about it, I still feel like MMMMMMMMMMM!!! And curiously, at the end of the session I felt asleep, deep sleep.”

– andrelubnet – 22 Feb 2010


Thai Yoga Massage that Inspires
“Stephanie is very gifted at what she does. Her work has inspired me to study Thai massage, and I now offer it to my clients, wondering all the while, ‘Would Steph approve of the way I’m doing this?’ I look to Stephanie as the source for graceful, effective Thai massage, but beyond her capable skills lies a truly, madly, deeply passionate healer. Steph has the strongest ‘Shen’, as Shiatsu people would call it, that I have ever experienced. Her strength of character strengthens those around her, and any time spent with her is time well spent. Additionally, Stephanie is, I believe, the first teacher of Yogic Arts in Montreal. Let her teach you to take care of yourself through her dynamic, flowing form of yoga. Watch her videos and you will get the idea. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Run don’t walk. ”

– Christopher – 6 Feb 2010


Passionate and Inspirational Healer
“I have had the opportunity to work with Stephanie, giving and receiving massages as well as assist her during her courses in Thai Yoga Massage. She is absolutely brilliant in the way she moves, explains, communicates and inspires others through her compassionate touch. She has helped me countless times in realigning my body, and every experience with her has helped me to deepen my own knowledge about Thai Yoga Massage, about the anatomy and physiology of the body in relation to massage as well as practicing giving massage in a healthy way. Stephanie is an excellent resource concerning Thai Yoga Massage and it shows very much in her practice. ”

– Jillian S. – 6 Feb 2010


Thai Yoga Massage
“Stephanie is a truly gifted individual… Not only is she talented, she really is passionate about performing her art. It shows when she gives a Thai-Yoga massage.”

– Gary – 6 Feb 2010


Massage Review
“I had a thai yoga massage done with Stephanie and she was quite skiled at what she was doing, kind, and fun to deal with. She took her time in the massage and made me feel comforatble and at ease. Najwa.”

– nwehbe – 5 Feb 2010


Life Changing Experience
“I have had the pleasure of experiencing both the Yoga and a massage and it was amazing.”

– Sean – 5 Feb 2010


Stephanie, you’re simply the Best!
“This comes from a person who has genuine passion for traditional Thai massage. Right when you think you’ve seen everything…I am a great admirer and remain (for once more)… speechless!”

– George K., Athens


About Yogic Arts with Stephanie

“Yoga. I never thought it was for me… Reluctantly, I attended my first yoga session with Stephanie about 8 months ago and Holy Cow !! – attended several classes since and always felt re-energised and refreshed. I recall such good feelings from my days practicing martial arts. The subtlety and intensity of this sport result in an evident impact from the first time you try it and I recommend it. As for your instructor, Stephanie; graceful – poetic – attentive and serious about how you experience and appreciate this art. You will have the best 90 minutes of your week in this class and it is going to be a real treat.”

– Rocky Z. 39 years old, Montreal


“It was really nice to get together with other like-minded individuals for this Yogic Arts introductory class. I think Stephanie Golden is such a terrific teacher. She is always so creative at breaking down the postures and movements so that virtually anyone, no matter their fitness level can grasp the motion and understand their own bodies better. What truly sets Yogic Arts apart from other forms of yoga is the Thai yoga massage aspect of it. You always feel so-ooo good after this practice. It will do wonders for shoulder, wrist and back pains. I think we are all very lucky to have such a wonderful caring and generous teacher that is willing to share so much of her own body-mind knowledge & wisdom with her students… that is truly priceless.”

– Jade D., Saint Hubert


“…very different from other forms of yoga that I’ve tried. I thought it was a bit too advanced for me at first, but after I felt great. There were a lot of squats, which I hate because I have bad knees, but surprisingly I felt no discomfort whatsoever. Lots of warrior poses, cobra, plank and downward dog. You will sweat! Even the teacher does :)”

– Tara S., Montreal


“Great class! I love the combination of martial arts and yoga – its a great work out! Stephanie is awesome!”

– Meredith E., Montreal


“Wow what a “positive” energy around this wonderful woman. She was so energetic, helpful, great voice, moves easy to follow as she showed us in several ways up at the front so we could all understand. She would show us from the back, from the side from the front. She also walked around the room correcting us gently. Fantastic teacher, fantastic role model, fantastic person. High confidence level, which gave me the confidence to trust her. She gets a 10/10 in my rating.”

– Paige, Montreal